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"Hi Fred. I would like to let you know how pleased we are with The WAITING GAME. Shortly after you stoppoed by in April to tell me that you had completed your distribution in North Raleigh, we started getting coupons. We have found nothing for the money that gets us the results that you get us with The WAITING GAME. The thing I also noticed about the coupon we have in The WAITING GAME, is that we get a steady stream of them throughout the month. I guess this is due to your method of distribution as well as you promoting us on your Facebook page. I look forward to a long relationship with you and The WAITING GAME of North Raleigh."
- Karen Smith, Manager of Fitzgerald's Seafood
"I am very happy with the results we are getting from The WAITING GAME. We are getting 50 or more WAITING GAME coupons every week. This is better results than we have gotten from other things that cost much more. I'm glad you shared The WAITING GAME with me. I look forward to seeing The WAITING GAME of North Raleigh in our community for a long time. "
- BK Patel, Bruster's Owner/Operator
"Dear Michel, I have to thank you for bringing your publication (The WAITING GAME) to my attention. Often, while I am out making marketing calls and presentations, I see The Waiting Game neatly and prominently displayed in different physicians’ offices and other medical settings. I would have to add that they are always the current edition too. The attention that you have given my account with suggestions, ideas, etc. is certainly an added value that is much appreciated. For A Life At Home, The WAITING GAME reaches our primary audience (seniors) in a setting where they are already thinking of their health, which is a plus, but the variety of advertisers make it of interest to all. Thank you again for all you do!"
- Doug Brzostowski, A Life At Home
"Michel…thank you for all your hard work in promoting us. We appreciate your professionalism, your creative ideas, and the expertise that you bring to us. Blessings on your business!"
- Nancy Pascucci, Manager, ReStore Off Cortez
"Asana Yoga of Brandon just wanted to send the great folks at the Waiting Game a big thank you for giving small business owners an affordable marketing tool to help attract new clients. The Waiting Game has been an incredible advertising resource that has actually paid for itself over and over again by generating new business. We've even received inquiries from potiential students while they have been "waiting!" In these challenging economic times - it is more important than ever to stretch our adversting and outreach dollar - and we certainly appreciate the value the Waiting Game provides us with each new student it helps us welcome."
- BARBARA MOTTE, Owner, Asana Yoga of Brandon
"I liked that the The WAITING GAME publication is geared to small business advertisers like myself and that I would not be squeezed out by some big company. I have tried direct mail and general advertising in the past and have received no results from them, but within the first couple of weeks I not only had two leads but I had two new clients. The owners of The WAITING GAME Publication listened to my questions/concerns so that we could find the right options for me and did not try to sell me something in order to just to make a sale."
"We love The WAITING GAME here at Julie's Walk-In Closet Consignment Boutique! We love the quality of the publication (our ad shows up much better than in newsprint). We think this is a great idea, since we all find ourselves in waiting rooms with nothing constructive to do! The discount coupons are just a bonus! The staff at Julie's Walk-In Closet has found that having this publication at the front register has been a huge boost to our sales, as we hand one to each customer, whether they purchase something or are "just looking", so they may use our coupon for their next visit to Julie's. Everyone loves a discount, and these are really valuable to our customers, especially on higher dollar items. These folks really appreciate this, and often comment on other coupons offered along with ours."
- JULIE POMEROY, Owner, Julie's Walk-In Closet
"I came across the WAITING GAME publication when I was at my kid’s elementary school. I decided to advertise my business and it has been one of the best decisions I could have made. I'm a portrait photographer specializing in maternity, newborns, children, and families. TWG hit my target market where all the moms and families are! In doctor's offices, schools, after-school activity centers, etc. I received such a great response from the first month of advertising and it was such a huge success to my marketing efforts that I referred it to all my business contacts."
- TRISHA MESSERLI, Owner, Messerli Photography
"The WAITING GAME is the most innovative and effective form of advertisement we have come across to date. Not only is it phenomenal advertisement but it is also extremely well priced. Due to our initial success with TWG we referred it to our restaurant partners as well. One of the best points of TWG is that it meshes well with our constant expansions into new zones and new restaurant additions."
- JENNIFER MEKDECI, Sales & Marketing, Mobile Meals
"RobZFitness has been advertising in The WAITING GAME since its first publication and let me tell you, we are extremely happy with the results! We love the concept of people having something to read or do while waiting for their appointment and seeing our advertisement right in front of them. We are a huge believer in The WAITING GAME and currently advertise in all of their publications!"
- ROB ZULKOSKI, Owner, RobZFitness
"Finding a source to do marketing to commercial businesses is tough. But when I was introduced to Rob at "The Waiting Game" I thought his unique product could get me the customers that I needed. After one week of advertising with him our web-site was getting TRIPLE the unique visitors than we had the previous months. If you are just "thinking about" signing up, go ahead and make the investment. You won't be disappointed. "
- NICK KLINE, Owner, Rapid Refill Commercial Sales
"The Waiting Game has been very beneficial for my business allowing me to access businesses that folks have to “wait” for their appointment. I have received several new clients who called from the waiting room to make reservations. Thank you to The Waiting Game!"
- SHERRY LEYBOVICH, Owner, CruisePlanners
"The Waiting Game has been a great market tool for us. All our clients always talk about how we are well branded in the area and that has a lot to do with the Waiting Game being almost every lobby/waiting room. Can’t say enough good things about happy we are of the business and the growing success Waiting Game has brought to a small business owner. Just in a couple months with all the success we’ve had I’ve decided to sign up for a second location. Paul Mastella and his marketing team are always pleasant to deal with and tackle anything with dedication and a smile. I have found working with his Graphics & Design Director, Tanya, to be a great pleasure. Tanya is amazing, talented and does her job with such passion. It’s been a great pleasure working with the Waiting Game team and hope to do so for many years to come. I always highly recommend Waiting Game to all my clients, friends, family and neighbors that have small business in the area. Thank you for an outstanding job!"
- DAWN LANGLEY, Owner, Ideal Massage
"Visiting Angels has participated in the Waiting Game publication for nearly two years now-- creating a valuable asset to our Marketing Plan. The Waiting Game adds to our efforts to spread the word about the services we provide throughout the community and enables us to touch those places that we might not be able to have our Marketing Coordinator reach. One of our slogans at Visiting Angels is "There's No Place Like Home!" and the Waiting Game allows us to reach many more consumers with our message!"
- DEBBIE WALDECKER, CSA, President, Visiting Angels
"Paul Mastella of THE WAITING GAME brought us a unique advertising opportunity that really works. It is simple and gave us immediate results, which have been sustained over several months. Paul takes a personal interest in our restaurant and I am proud to say is not only our sales representative but a customer and friend as well. He sincerely wants us to be successful. I would recommend THE WAITING GAME to any business as a way to increase brand awareness and bring in new customers."
- RON DYKES, Owner, Dickey's Barbeque Pit
"The WAITING GAME is one of the most effective forms of consistent advertising we have experienced. We see on average three to ten coupons per day, 'The Waiting Game' brings them in the door, which allows us to gain friends and guests on a regular basis. Paul Mastella from The Waiting Game dines at our establishment regularly and is always interested in any feedback pertaining to the amount of coupons and guests it brings us. He makes the extra effort to ensure our mutual success."
- JEREMY MAJEWSKI, GrillSmith Manager
"The WAITING GAME has been an effective, low cost advertising tool for us the last couple of years. We started advertising in the very first issue and still use the exact same coupon offer from the first issue. The WAITING GAME helps us bring in new customers. In fact, our WAITING GAME offer is almost as effective as our Ace Reward Club offers. We like Rob and The WAITING GAME team and are glad they are apart of our marketing plan. I would recommend The WAITING GAME to any business. It has worked extremely well for us."
- KATHY ATCHISON, Owner, Crossroads Ace Hardware
"I have found The WAITING GAME Publication to be a professional, well designed, and attractive publication. With having 3 other yogurt shops within a 2 mile radius, we needed to find an effective way to gain a competitive edge over the competition. Needless to say, this inexpensive print advertising was the answer. In the past 6 months since we opened, we have been accumulating an average of 4-6 coupons per day. More importantly, Paul, the owner of The WAITING GAME was able to offer us exclusivity. ! have customers on a daily basis telling me they saw our ad in the doctor office, hair salon, oil change shops, and even out of town guests staying at the local hotels, Being a new business, branding our product was one of our major goals, and The WAITING GAME achieved it within the first month. One advantage this publication has over any other advertising I have done in the past is the owner of the company delivers and promotes the publications to over 100 local offices in the area. Some of the medical staff from nearby offices comes in weekly solely on the recommendation from Paul. He goes over and above to promote our business."
- J.B., Owner, Yogurt Mountain
"In over 20 years of business, The WAITING GAME is the only print advertising which brought new customers through the door in a matter of days. At first, I hesitated giving a free tan with no purchase necessary in our ad. Most people take advantage of the free tan and never sign up. The WAITING GAME coupons had an opposite effect. In the first month, I managed to sign up 30% of the customers that used the free tan coupon. Within the first month the revenue from these new customers allowed me to cover the 3 month advertising cost. Paul takes great pride in his work and checks in at least twice a month to keep track of our success. He takes personal interest in our success at Tropic Tan. I would definitely recommend The WAITING GAME to any type of business that needs to gain new customers and build brand awareness."
"I started advertising with Paul (Waiting Game Publications) in November of last year. During the first few months I was receiving a decent amount of redemptions but still short of my goal. During this time Paul went out of his way to improve the success of the program. When renewal period approached I decided to take a break for a few months and maybe revisit it down the road. Unfortunately I was proven wrong. A few days after not renewing, coupons started to come through the door on a daily basis. There were days that week my staff collected 6-8 coupons per day. After contacting Paul a few days later, he was willing to renew my contract and restrained from telling me, "I told you so." Ever since renewing, we continue to see a steady amount of coupons weekly. For the amount of money spent a month, it is a no brainer. It has been great pleasure working with Paul and The WAITING GAME and would recommend this unique type of advertising to my clients, friends and family. "
- GEORGE ILLES, Taste of Boston
"Here at Space Plus we have been extremely pleased to have found an advertising company like The WAITING GAME. I've have had many customers contact our storage facility and rent after finding our advertising in The WAITING GAME. We feel that we have excellent exposure and response through this medium. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with them. "
- TOMAS LOZANO, Manager, Space Plus Storage
"On behalf of J.baja's Mexican Grill, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse The WAITING GAME and franchise owner, Paul Mastella. This innovative advertising concept has been well managed by Paul - his relentless dedication to promote his advertisers and personally deliver to each servicing office has contributed to the rapid success rate thus far. Not only are his personal relationships with office staff members and advertisers vital to successfully advertising, but also the exclusivity and limited space are excellent marketing advantages that aren't offered in many marketing publications. As a result of these dynamics and although unique in its marketing concept, the redemption rate of The WAITING GAME has proven to be very competitive. I highly recommend The WAITING GAME as a marketing tool to help increase any company's brand awareness. "
- FELIZEL RIVERA, J.baja's Mexian Grill
"The WAITING GAME has been the best print advertising I have done in the past 2 years. On average I receive 2-5 coupons per day and we have not gone 1 day without receiving 1 coupon. What is even more surprising, approximately 80% are new faces walking through the door. As many publications take a few weeks to months to kick in, the waiting game's ad worked instantly. Within the first week we had received over 15 coupons, which continuously improve week to week. The 2 biggest advantages The WAITING GAME was able to offer, which contributed to the immediate success, exclusivity (Jake's Wayback Burgers was the only hamburger establishment in the publication), and Brand Awareness (placed in 100+ offices). In closing, I would highly recommend The WAITING GAME to any small to medium size business needing constant exposure and immediate results. "
- MARK BICCUM, Jake's Wayback Burgers
"Here at the Gym Locker we have been extremely pleased to find an advertising company like The WAITING GAME. We have been advertising with them since they started their publication. I have tried every type of advertising option available to me and The WAITING GAME is the only advertising vehicle where consumers come into my store with our coupon in-hand. We feel that we have excellent exposure and response through this medium. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with them."
- AMY LITTLE, Owner, Gym Locker
"On behalf of Sport Clips Haircuts, Brandon, FL, we have been very pleased with the results we received by advertising with The WAITING GAME. During our first three months of advertising, our ad generated 40 new clients and 26 returning clients. We feel that we have excellent exposure and response through this publication. One advantage this publication has, over any other advertising, is the owner of the company delivers and promotes the publications to over 100+ local offices in each of the areas that we advertise, driving business directly to our stores. I recommend The WAITING GAME to any small business wanting to advertise locally in an excellent full color publication!"
- CHRISTOPHER HULTING, Sport Clips Haircuts Franchise Owner
"We are happy to be working with The WAITING GAME. It is a professional, full color, effective publication that works for my business. It is a huge benefit for us that we can advertise in certain communities. Being in the lawn care business, it is important to get exposure in the market, as it is very competitive. We needed a competitive edge over the competition and having exclusivity in The WAITING GAME provides that for us. We have customers on a continuous basis telling me they saw our ad in The WAITING GAME. I would recommend The WAITING GAME to any small business."
- NICOLE DAVIS, Owner, Green Lizard Lawn Care
"The WAITING GAME has been an effective low-cost advertising tool that has proved successful. The ability to change the offer on a monthly basis has helped us find which offer works the best for us. It is also great that we can change the look of our ad based on the season. Even better, we are able to consistently brand the Blue Door Spa and Salon. The distribution points hit our target market and bring in new customers. We have many satisfied clients who now come in on a regular basis. With the social media interaction they provide, consumers can share our ad through various internet portals. I would definitely recommend The WAITING GAME as an opportunity to gain new customers and brand your business."
- NICKY LAKE, Blue Door Spa and Salon
"The WAITING GAME has gone above and beyond getting involved in the community to promote the publication they represent and they have built relationships with chambers and businesses which reflect the strategic placement of their publication. The WAITING GAME has quickly become a commonly known periodical to find in doctor’s offices, restaurants, and business waiting rooms. They have a unique grassroots campaign that directly correlates to Ierna’s Heating & Cooling’s marketing style. As the marketing and public relations director for Ierna’s Heating & Cooling, I see and hear about each ads return and response. I have and would recommend them to advertise with. "
"Absolutely LOVE The WAITING GAME. Makes waiting in Dr.'s offices better AND the coupons are awesome! Don't forget to check out their online coupons as well. For all the business owners out there, this is the perfect place to be seen by your customers!” "
"I was having work done on my car at Brandon Volkswagen recently & was so happy to see The WAITING GAME Publication! They have the best coupons & offers! I like to shop local & patronize the small businesses found in The Waiting Game...they are awesome!"
"The WAITING GAME is a terrific source for information on so many local businesses that we should all be supporting! Check it out."
"Love The WAITING GAME, I use the What's in Store coupon often. I'm going to try dessert at Park Square this weekend. In this economy the Waiting Game helps you stretch your budget.” "



The WAITING GAME® is a free, full-color, interactive, incentive-based, monthly publication distributed anywhere consumers experience wait times….doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, hair salons, local schools, hotels, take-out restaurants, mom’s clubs, car washes, dealerships, laundromats, dance studios, martial arts centers, gymnastics clubs, and many more…


The WAITING GAME has crosswords, Sudoku, word find, interesting facts, and puzzles…plus incentives, offers, and value for consumers to take home. The WAITING GAME is intended to stimulate the minds of consumers and their families while they wait and to provide valuable offers for them to take home.

The goal of The WAITING GAME is to engage, entertain, and provide value everywhere within the local community to maximize enjoyment for our readers and exposure for our advertisers 365 days a year.



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