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The Importance of Brand Awareness and How The WAITING GAME can Help you Build It

Brand awareness is the degree to which consumers in the marketplace are familiar with particular brands. Small businesses can find their products and services at a disadvantage compared with larger competitors' alternatives, which can be backed by millions of dollars in advertising. Brand awareness has a number of distinct effects on consumers' perception of different brands, and working to build brand awareness is crucial for small business success. Let The WAITING GAME help your business!
As you know, the key to creating strong brand awareness is by repeatedly exposing your brand to your target audience.

Your efforts to build brand awareness help consumers become familiar with your products or services. Over time, by repeatedly exposing your brand to your target audience and by delighting them with remarkable experiences, you earn their trust and loyalty. And that usually translates into more sales and a host of other benefits for your business.

As you already know, Coca Cola, Nike, and McDonalds are giants among brands. Yet, they continue to pour millions of dollars into advertisements, commercials, event sponsorships, and endorsements. Why? Because they recognize the importance of maintaining their brand identities in the marketplace and the intangible benefits that a strong brand brings.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars like these corporate giants in order to boost exposure for your brand. Thanks to The WAITING GAME, you have a low-cost, effective marketing method to maximize your brand exposure.

Branding a business is key to that business' success—You want everyone to recognize your business logo. Recognition of a business brand will draw in customers and help your business succeed.




Fact: Most businesses draw 80% of their customers from a 3-5 mile radius (core market).

Your local business NEEDS local coverage, and there is very little, if any, advertising media that allows you to target your advertising dollars so directly at a reasonable cost. The WAITING GAME manages to reach the highest and most potent concentration of potential customers of ANY media -- for a fraction of the cost! You can often advertise in The WAITING GAME—in print AND online—for 365 days at the same price you would spend on a SINGLE spot in other wide spread (untargeted) print.


Fact: The average consumer sees 3000 commercial messages a day and must see a message 7-13 times before recognition sets in.

The WAITING GAME can keep you visible 365 days a year in your core market in print, online, and through social media. If you are going to be that one that gets remembered, you must find a form of advertising within your budget to keep your brand visible on a daily basis on multiple platforms. The WAITING GAME does just that—in print, online, and through social media!


Fact: It is very difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to compete with large businesses with large budgets.

The WAITING GAME levels the playing field by keeping all ads the same size. Small ads often are obscured in other print media because the big advertisers often get bigger ad area and better placement. Whether you are a single-unit family business or part of a large national chain, you will receive equal exposure in The WAITING GAME.


Fact: The average person spends about 7 seconds per page on a newspaper.

The WAITING GAME is designed to break through the clutter and drive interaction, with consumers spending on average 30-45 minutes interacting with it by completing a Sudoku puzzle, a crossword, or simply enjoying other fun content. There are only 36 ad spots available in each publication ensuring that an advertiser receives maximum exposure. To keep it simple, The WAITING GAME does not allow inserts so your ad never gets overshadowed by someone else’s full-page ad.


Fact: The psychology of consumers is that they give more credibility to brands that they see on a regular basis.

The WAITING GAME gives you this opportunity by having over 100+ touch spots in print within each core market as well as an online and social media presence. Consistency and repetition brings results! 


Fact: Consumers love value and coupons are being used at an all time high rate. 

By being incentive-based consumers not only interact with The WAITING GAME for extended periods of time but they also have a reason to take it with them—for the value that is offered to them in their local area. Consumers can also print, download, and share all offers online to ensure ease of repeat use. And, more sharing means more exposure!


Fact: Competition is everywhere.

The WAITING GAME offers exclusivity, which means that no other company in your category can advertise at the same time. Advertisers can keep their competition out, which is a huge advantage for businesses that are building a brand and building credibility amongst their core market of consumers.


Fact: Wait times are increasing.

The WAITING GAME is carried in high-traffic waiting areas with a captive audience. The average physician’s office wait time is 25 minutes; Urgent Care wait times average 35 minutes; wait times for children at dance/gymnastics/martial arts classes are 1+ hours. The WAITING GAME provides an interactive way to pass the time, while resulting in increased exposure for our advertisers.


Fact: Budgets have been tightened and businesses need to find more effective ways to spend available funds.

Ads in The WAITING GAME are less expensive than most print media, so the small business person can easily afford to advertise regularly—in print, online, and through social media—all with The WAITING GAME!


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