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Welcome to the Waiting Game Victoria. We are your number one coupon source for Victoria coupons and Victoria Deals. By searching our website you can find local online coupons for bowling, Vancouver Island attractions, Restaurant dining coupons, Seafood dining coupons, Island dining coupons, Seafood restaurant coupons, Victoria restaurant coupons, pizza deals, and free printable coupons online to help you save in your local community. If you like island daily deals and any groupon for vancouver island, we are a perfect fit to reduce your monthly budget.

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Where can I get online coupons? All you have to do is go to a specific category (i.e., restaurants) and click on the coupons that you want to print. You can also share the free online printable coupons you have chosen with your friends, family and colleagues direct from our website via Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. Follow The Waiting Game on Twitter (@TheWaitingGame) and become a fan on Facebook (, Google + and Pinterest to stay on top of our Victoria local offers, and discount coupons. 

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