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The WAITING GAME® is a free, full-color, interactive, incentive-based, monthly publication distributed anywhere consumers experience wait times….doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, hair salons, local schools, hotels, take-out restaurants, mom’s clubs, car washes, dealerships, laundromats, dance studios, martial arts centers, gymnastics clubs, and many more…


The WAITING GAME has crosswords, Sudoku, word find, interesting facts, and puzzles…plus incentives, offers, and value for consumers to take home. The WAITING GAME is intended to stimulate the minds of consumers and their families while they wait and to provide valuable offers for them to take home.

The goal of The WAITING GAME is to engage, entertain, and provide value everywhere within the local community to maximize enjoyment for our readers and exposure for our advertisers 365 days a year.



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